Our Cause

With your help, we can drive change for the better.

Our Cause

God’s Warehouse is a unique ministry. God’s Warehouse is a grassroots movement that started with helping the less fortunate recover from addiction. Since then, our cause has grown. It is our belief that our community is the best support of its neighbors, veterans and families hit by hard times through poverty, homelessness, mental instability and addiction.

Our first priority is to treat all people the same, with respect and the hope of a better future through the love of giving, listening and involving ourselves in our community. We ourselves are the men and women that have come out of the ranks of our guest with the message of hope. We are not a church, but with the same heart as told by Jesus in Matthew 25:35 when He proclaims,

“When I was hungry, you fed me, naked and you clothed me, outside and you gave me refuge, in prison and you visited me, sick and you cared for me”.

God’s Warehouse also teaches a 12 step program with a new technique that provides food, worship, prayer and testimonies. We also work hand in hand, uniting with other ministries to comfort the overall lives of the community. We have seen so many lives changed through this concept. Our belief is there is hope and a future in every human being, it just takes love because Love Never Fails!


Donate Now

Financial support goes directly to feeding and helping the homeless with hot meals and assistance.

All donations go towards the needs of our guests. We receive NO government funding and rely on the generosity of supporters like you.

Financial Donation


Volunteer opportunities abound at God’s Warehouse Soup Kitchen and Outreach Center!

From serving lunch to our guests, to sorting gifts from our supporters, volunteers make it all happen! We’d love to have your help.


Donate Food & Clothing

In addition to our soup kitchen, our center provides homeless survival kits and clothing for our guests.

Please consider making a corporate or personal food and clothing donation. Our homeless community relies on it.

Donate to Pantry