Social Services

Social Services:

God’s Warehouse leaders have built strong ties and networks in our community and with social service programs. It is through these networks that we are able to provide social services to our members such as:

  • In state and out of state housing for addicts
  • Mental Health Counseling Programs
  • Comprehensive Care Programs (CCP)
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Veterans’s Support
  • Housing and Living Assistance
  • Medical Health Screenings
  • Assistance for food, clothing and other basic needs

Through or connection with the homeless we can also help family members with locating their loved ones living on the streets.

It is our belief that only through the love and support of our local community can we truly help the less fortunate and broken spirited. It is also our belief that the people are now healed are sometimes the best support available to the unhealed.

Miracles happen and we see them happen often through love and support at God’s Warehouse.