Be a Volunteer for God's Warehouse

We never turns down a request to volunteer.  Our volunteers make it happen and very often were once themselves a guest at God’s Warehouse.  After gaining foot, they come back to graciously help those that are now in need.  Many people gain independence from the job-experiences they learn while volunteering here.  Being of service gives them the skills needed to gain successful employment and to feel self worth.

Many people serve other’s at God’s Warehouse out of lovingkindness and to fulfill a desire to be of service.   And sometimes people serve out of an obligation to the courts.

Whatever the reason,  God’s Warehouse will never turn a person down that  would like to give their time and much needed help.

We happily invite you to volunteer your time at God’s Warehouse.  If you would like to join us please email us here or call 505-242-3530.

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